TPTherapy.com was previously home to a multitude of content related to human anatomy, the common causes of movement dysfunction and actionable steps for anyone seeking healthier muscle tissue. During the growing pains of the company’s acquisition, the website was mirrored onto a new CMS platform which inadvertently ‘broke’ much of the SEO and content links. 

This project was the next initiative to restore the rich media that helped TriggerPoint become the leading brand within the category.

Section No. 1


The previous material was fairly peace-mail and did not follow any sort of logical flow. Strong and unique point of views were mixed with anecdotal science with a ton of stock photography. The biggest challenge was to restructure the material so as to be familiar to previous customers while welcoming new users and markets.  I led the design and development process along with an internal web team. Once we felt strongly about the new order of content, we enlisted copywriting assistance and I began to work on the where the new material would live within the website.

Section No. 2


Acting as both the guide for the direction of content as well as the design lead I had to balance reviewing the material along with building wireframes and new visual assets to support the content. Once I completed my web layouts I commenced a day to day collaboration with two developers out of our North Carolina office.